State of Noble Jay: CT Brewery Wrap Up by Connecticut Museum Quest @CTMQ

If you’ve never stumbled onto Stephen Wood’s Blog Connecticut Museum Quest, be careful… may never leave.  This man likes to make lists and he likes to check things off.  What started out as a quest to visit every single museum in CT and blog about it slowly morphed into a quest to try every beer in CT, visit every brewery, and a cornucopia of posts about “what have you” in CT – museums, food, family, beer, wine, hiking and the like.  He’s an excellent writer doling out equal amounts of knowledge, wit and sarcasm (and he digs geology so he’s cool with us).  But we digress…

Stephen (or @CTMQ on Twitter) writes up his views on the annual state of Connecticut breweries big and small….and non-existent as of yet (you know who).  This list is incredibly detailed and includes the whole kitten-kaboodle from NEBCO to guys brewing great beer in their garage who may never go pro.  The series is two parts and your very own Noble Jay Brewing Company is summarized in part two.  Pretty spot on apart from the Old Saybrook part.  Granted we’ve been a bit cagey about our potential landing spot although if you’ve checked our webpage header lately you’ll notice a significant change.  Although we haven’t signed a lease yet, we’ve found a spot in East Lyme we’d like to call home (a town that one of us calls home already).  It’s a beautiful town with a friendly, small-town, coastal New England feel and we dig it.  Since both of us are currently oceanographic surveyors, we’re not straying far from the sea.  We’re a bit lonely down here in the brewery black hole of Southeast CT.  Luckily we have the killer brews of Beer’d Brewing to keep us warm.  So stay tuned for more details on our quest to bring another great brewery to the Southeast CT Shoreline and check out the links below already!


2014 CT Brewery-by-Brewery Wrap-Up; Part 1

2014 CT Brewery-by-Brewery Wrap-up; Part 2