Press Release: Niantic Brewery Focused on Bringing Back Craft Lagers


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New Niantic Brewery Focused On Bringing Back Craft Lagers


Niantic, Connecticut – December 2, 2015 – On Saturday December 12th, Noble Jay Brewing Company of Niantic (opening Spring of 2016) will reach the deadline for their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring back finely-crafted lagers.


Noble Jay Brewing Company plans to brew a variety of flavorful craft lagers such as Pilsners, Baltic Porters, Munich Dunkels and India Pale Lagers in hopes of showing people that lagers aren’t all the same.


The brewery’s crowdfunding campaign features a humorous mock-nature documentary describing the “Noble Jay’s” near extinction at the hands of the dreaded “Maa-Crow.”


“It’s a shot across the bow to macro breweries who have been taking shots at small brewers this year” says Mike Lincoln, owner and head brewer of Noble Jay. The crowdfunding video portrays “Maa-Crow” (Hopulus macrimonious) as an invasive species with “bland markings” and “aggressive tendencies towards smaller birds” which is driving other species to near extinction.


“The video is really a commentary on how macro brewers have taken a once-diverse style of beer, lagers, and watered them down to the point where they are bland and have no diversity of flavor,” Lincoln says.


“Our Mo Pilsner is a crisp flavorful lager that can be enjoyed by craft beer enthusiasts and macro beer drinkers alike. Lagers are on the rise in the craft beer community and we’re hoping to do our part by bringing craft lagers to Connecticut. Our Kickstarter Campaign will help us raise money to purchase a brewing system.”


Rewards for Noble Jay’s crowdfunding campaign include Lifetime and Annual Mug Club Memberships, Growler Club Memberships, a beer dinner with Niantic farm-to-table restaurant La Belle Aurore,  a charcuterie plate to bring to the brewery, provided by Niantic new-comer Hayden’s Market, as well as brewery merchandise such as t-shirts and beer glasses.


About Noble Jay Brewing Company:

Noble Jay Brewing Company will be located at 11 Freedom Way in Niantic, Connecticut off exit 72 of Interstate 95 within walking distance to Rocky Neck State Park.  The brewery will feature a small tap room with a bar and seating where locals can enjoy tastings and pints or grab a couple growlers of local beer to take home.  Noble Jay will partner with local restaurants to provide prepared foods at the brewery and will allow customers to bring in their own food as well.   In an effort to give back to their community, the tap room will feature a “Noble Tap.”  Each month, Noble Jay will team with a local charity to which they will donate 10% of sales from The Noble Tap that month.  More information on Noble Jay Brewing Company and their Kickstarter Campaign can be found here:


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